Happy wheels demo

Happy wheels game Happy wheels game is the best online game because of its high ratings . Happy wheels game is very much popular because of its characters and their advanced graphics . there are so many characters of happy wheels game which ride on their vehicles and doing fun during ride . These characters makes you laugh when you see them . To play happy wheels demo game at the beginning of the happy wheels game you have to choose your own characters or their vehicle on which they ride . How to play a game ?? To start the game you have to open your browser and enter the websites where you will get the full and updated version of happy wheels . Once you open the link you have to learn the control settings which tells you how to control your characters . At the beginning of the game you have to choose your favourite characters and their vehicles . To move your character or to start the game just press arrow keys . Arrow keys will move , reverse , forward your charcters and if you want any help and want to use special ability than press space bar , press Z key to eject from the bike , press shift + control if you want to move your legs and arms when you ejected from the bike . Once you learn how to play this game you will surely enjoy happy wheels . The goal of happy wheels game is to touch the finish line without dying or without losing any part of your body . once you reach the exit point of the happy wheels game than you are the winner of the game .